mercoledì 4 febbraio 2009

This morning the sun shone for a few hours and the people seemed really happy. I went out for my midmorning coffee with a dear friend who will move to Spain tomorrow. She lived upstairs from us and we had become good friends over the last couple of years, since we moved in.
I took this photo from her empy flat, shining in the sun, before she locked it.

Later on she passed to kiss us good-bye and after a long, tight embrace, she was gone. 
We shared a lot, we talked a lot, about everything. She would drop here after work and I would make her a coffee while our daughters played together and eventually we would bake a pizza and have dinner together. Her husband is a scientist and works at the University in Granada. He moved last year but came home as often as possible. 
We often discussed, sometimes harshly: we both have strong beliefs on completely different sides. Politics conversation was dangerous, we have such opposite views that almost led us to fight! But it was never a fight, it was a constructive exchange.
Sometimes we shared our deepest insights, our fears, our hopes and helped each other.
We also talked a lot about silly stuff: make-up, creams, clothing, the neighborhood, this or that coffee brand and more, much more. 
She remembers everything: numbers, details of conversations, facts. I am so distracted I hardly remember a thing.
I am going to miss my friend and her family. Today I feel a bit sad....

4 commenti:

  1. Valeria, ho appena scoperto questo nuovo blog! Mi piace, e molto riflessivo. Bello! Posso dirti una cosa? Da proff.ssa di inglese? Non ti offendere, ok? Ma per dire "discutere" in inglese nel senso che ho capito qui è forse meglio dire "argue" in inglese. "Discuss" vuol dire parlare di argomenti in modo del tutto tranquillo. Se ci sono differenze di opinioni si arrive ad "argue". Adesso la proff. starà zitta!

  2. Corragio cara, a piece of her will always be a part of you from your exchanges. Ask in faith for a new friend, then imagine the possibilities.

  3. You described a real women friendship,with all kinds of talks, other times superficial and other times deep emotional. You were both lucky to have created such a relation!

    I liked your house (as far as I can see!), like a film it is!

    Can I ask what you mean midmorning coffee? Noon, after work?

    Nice to have met you :)

  4. Just think of the foundation you have built, and the numerous stream of packages, and letters you both can share. You can look forward to visits and to more debates over mid-morning coffee, and perhaps later some wine...! Now write a letter and a include a memory in the envelope.